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SIP Air Hose Reel 15

SIP Air Hose Reel 15

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The SIP Air Hose Reel 15 offers an easy and highly durable solution for carrying compressed air from an air compressor to a wide range of different air-powered tools and equipment, offering reliability and efficiency to a max. pressure of 300psi (20bar).

This reel boasts two key benefits that increase performance. Through Flow allows air to pass through the reel ensuring it can be both wound and unwound before, during and after operation with ease. Auto Layer technology makes recoil and storage simple.

A design that includes a wall-mounting bracket on the rear of the reel for quick fixing allows the Air Hose Reel 15 to be extremely versatile in a range of applications. A heavy-duty plastic casing provides added durability.

Perfect for a wide range of home, trade and professional needs.

• 15mtr hose length with 300psi (20bar) max. pressure
• 9.3mm Ø inside; 14.5mm Ø outside hose diameter sizes
• Through Flow allows air to pass through the hose reel, meaning the hose reel can be wound and unwound • before, during and after use with added ease
• Auto-Layer technology for simple recoiling and storage
• Heavy-duty plastic casing for added durability
• Supplied with mounting bracket for quick fixing
• -5°C to 45°C working temperature
• Air coupler hose fittings
• SIP 2-Year Standard Silver Warranty - ITEM NO. 07974
Hose Length: 15mtr
Inside Hose Diameter: Ø 9.3mm
Outside Hose Diameter: Ø 14.5mm
Connection Hose Length: 1mtr
Working Temperature: -5°C - 45°C
Max. Pressure: 300psi (20bar)
Hose Fitting: Air Coupler

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