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SIP 1/4" Air Control Unit

SIP 1/4" Air Control Unit

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The SIP 1/4" Air Control Unit is a 3-part compressor fitting including a filter, regulator and lubricator (known as an FRL). These parts combine to provide high-quality and clean air, optimising it between the compressor and down the line to the tool in use.

The filter works to remove debris, dirt and contaminants from the system and acts as the first safeguard and step to increasing the quality of the air.

The regulator helps to adjust and control the output pressure of the compressor to ensure that tools and equipment do not exceed their maximum operating pressure.

The lubricator acts as the final stage in the 3-part process, reducing the internal friction of tools and pneumatic equipment by adding controlled lubrication into the air.

These added steps between your compressor and kit ensures better protection against damage, extending the service life and durability of air tools and pneumatic equipment.

Manufactured in Italy to the highest quality for added peace-of-mind.

• Comprises of a filter, regulator and lubricator
• Provides drier and higher quality compressed air
• Manufactured for durability and performance
• Easy-to-read gauge with ergonomic dials
• Lightweight and compact design
• Manufactured in Italy - ITEM NO. 07528
Fitting Type: Side fitting
Fitting Size: 1/4"

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