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SIP 12v SC 8000 Capacitor Booster

SIP 12v SC 8000 Capacitor Booster

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The SIP 12v SC Pro Booster 8000 is completely maintenance-free with an unlimited shelf life thanks to a high current superconductor design which utilises powerful ultracapacitors who, in turn, remove the need for an internal battery.

This means the power of an AGM booster pack is still available, but without the heavy weight, inefficiency, and battery deterioration. All the benefits without the hassle.

Perfect for boost-starting ATVs, motorcycles, cars, and vans safely and efficiently, plus service, mobile, and roadside applications.

• 12v heavy-duty capacitor start booster
• 8000A boost peak rate and 1400A cranking rate
• 18x 600F ultracapacitors for powerful performance
• ON/OFF switch and a safety fuse on positive clamp
• Robust and shockproof ABS casing for high durability
• LED indicators for accurate charge rate indication
• Ideal for ATVs, motorcycles, cars, and vans
• High efficiency, high-current superconductor design
• Efficient 15sec fast recharge from a running vehicle
• No internal battery; maintenance-free and unlimited shelf life
• Over 1million cycles for an extended lifespan
• Quality leads and clamps for high performance
• Supplied with an automatic charger
• Lightweight and compact design
• SIP 2-Year Standard Silver Warranty
• Manufactured in Switzerland - ITEM NO. 07103
Output Voltages: 12v
Capacitor Type: 18x 600F
Boost Peak Rate: 8000A
Cranking Rate: 1400A

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