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SIP FX-WM Professional Wall-Mounted Welding Fume Extractor (1x Arm)

SIP FX-WM Professional Wall-Mounted Welding Fume Extractor (1x Arm)

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The SIP FX-WM Professional Wheel-Mounted Welding Fume Extractor safely removes harmful toxic welding fumes, filtering them and returning clear air into your environment, giving added peace-of-mind that your garage or workshop remains protected and safe.

Complying with all current regulations for weldable materials including mild steel, this Local Exhaust Ventilator (LEV) is an essential for any welding environment.

• 2500mtr³/hr max. flow rate and 1480mtr³/hr max. suction
• 2x 3mtr flexible arms for easy adjustment and simple positioning
• Heavy-duty 3-stage effective filtration up to 99.5%:
- Filter Stage 1: Metallic Spark Arrestors G25%
- Filter Stage 2: Corrugated Polyester Fibre Prefilter
- Filter Stage 3: Adjustable Filter E12 EPA 99.5%
• Harmful fumes are removed through filters with clean air returned
• Ensures workshops are protected from potentially harmful toxic fumes
• High performance centrifugal fan encased in a soundproof compartment
• Complies with all current regulations on weldable materials
• Compact wall-mounted design and easy self-installation
• SIP 2-Year Standard Silver Warranty
• Manufactured in Italy - ITEM NO. 05806
Input Supply: 230v
Input Power: 1.5kW
Power Consumption: 6.5A
Max. Flow Rate: 2500m³/hr
Max. Suction Rate: 1480m³/hr
Filtration Level: 99.5%
Filter Stage 1: G25% Metallic Spark Arrestors
Filter Stage 2: Cor. Polyester Fibre Prefilter
Filter Stage 3: 95.5% H13 HEPA Absolute Filter
Extraction Type: 2x 3mtr Flexible Hose
Max. Temperature: 60°C
Noise Level: 73dB(A)

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