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SIP B3800/270 270ltr Tandem Belt Drive Compressor

SIP B3800/270 270ltr Tandem Belt Drive Compressor

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The SIP B3800/270 270ltr Tandem Belt Drive Compressor offers powerful operation via a tandem set-up of twin B3800 pumps and 3hp motors. This provides continued running should a single motor or pump suffer failure, meaning added reliability and peace-of-mind. All of this is controlled by a central control box and staggered starting.

Built with heavy-duty twin B3800 pumps, controlled from a central box, and dual 3hp motors, the B3800/270 offers continued operation in the event that a single pump or motor should fail. Perfect for garage or workshop environments where consistent and uninterrupted compressed air production is essential.

An aluminium aftercooler offers reduced air moisture, reduced weight and a higher corrosion resistance. A cast iron barrel, finned manifolds, oversized crankcase and aluminium die-cast valve plate increase durability, particularly in prolonged trade use.

This compressor is a true workhorse and is an essential piece of equipment to include in any trade environment where prolonged demands need to be satisfied.

• Oil-lubricated and belt-driven workhorse compressor
• 32CFM (906ltr/min) piston displacement, 145psi (10bar) pressure
• Heavy-duty twin B3800 pumps and powerful dual 3hp (2.2kW) motors
• Central control box and staggered starting reduces current draw
• Continued operation in the event of single pump or motor failure
• Fitted aluminium aftercooler offers reduced air moisture, a reduced compressor weight and higher resistance to corrosion for an extended service life
• Heavy-duty cast iron barrel for increased durability and life
• Finned manifolds and oversized crankcase for prolonged use
• Heavy-duty aluminium die-cast valve plate
• SIP 2-Year Standard Silver Warranty
• Manufactured in Italy - ITEM NO. 05251
Input Supply: 230v (32A)
Motor Power: 2x 3hp (2.2kW)
Receiver Size: 270ltr
Piston Displacement: 32.00CFM (906ltr/min)
Free Air Delivery (FAD): 22.00CFM (623ltr/min)
Max. Air Pressure: 145psi (10bar)

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