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SIP Pneumatic Coil Spring Compressor

SIP Pneumatic Coil Spring Compressor

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The SIP Pneumatic Coil Spring Compressor prioritises user safety first and foremost, incorporating a selection of robust and reliable safety components to ensure minimal risk of harm should a coil spring become dislodged or damaged while under load.

A heavy-duty triple bar safety cage can be lowered and locked into position. Without the safety cage put down into place, this spring compressor will not operate.

As an added layer of security around the spring, the frame of the compressor is built with a retention cable and steel carabiners which can be hooked into place.

The combination of patented coil spring claws and a movable footplate underneath the spring provide secure and reliable load contact before, during and after compression.

These safety features do not compromise the powerful 2400kg spring compression this compressor can offer, which is achieved by dual integrated pneumatic rams.

Perfect for garages and workshops, and suitable for a variety of cars, SUVs and vans.

• Powerful 2400kg compression via dual heavy-duty pneumatic rams
• No operation until triple bar safety cage is locked and lowered
• Retention cable with steel carabiners for added layer of safety
• Patented coil spring claw designs for secure spring load contact
• Movable footplate for improved contact underneath coil spring
• Integrated foot pedal for simple and easy compression
• Perfect for cars, SUVs, vans, and other small vehicles
• SIP 2-Year Standard Silver Warranty
• Manufactured in Italy - ITEM NO. 03661
Max. Compression: 2400kg (5291lb)
Air Inlet Pressure: 73psi (5bar) - 145psi (10bar)
Air Inlet: 1/4" BSP (Female)

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