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SIP Advanced Battery Charger GX15

SIP Advanced Battery Charger GX15

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The SIP Advanced Battery Charger GX15 is the ultimate tool for charging, support and diagnostics. Easy-to-use and wall-mountable, the GX15 is extremely versatile and combines intelligent charging, maintenance, supply and more into a simple process.

The GX15 is compatible with a variety of commonly-used batteries such as Lead Acid, SLA, AGM, GEL, WET, VRLA, CaCa, EFB and LiFePO4. This makes it suitable for vehicles including ATVs, motorcycles, cars, vans, boats, trucks and HGVs.

This charger is controlled by a microprocessor that provides powerful multi-step charging, and offers modes including supply, test, lead, Lithium and reconditioning.

Supplied with quick connector, clamps and eyelets.

• 12v/24v output voltages and 15A output current
• Powerful multi-step microprocessor-controlled charging
• High-quality, clear and easy-to-use advanced digital interface
• Automatic maintenance, supply, test, lead, Lithium, reconditioning modes
• Wall-mountable for permanent placement in workshop environments
• Energy-efficient charging performance for reduced energy costs
• Spark protection and IP20 touch and dust resistance
• Quick connector, clamps and eyelets
• SIP 2-Year Standard Silver Warranty
• Designed in Switzerland - ITEM NO. 03574
Output Voltage: 12v/24v
Output Current: 15A
Charging Steps: 10 STEPS
Input Voltage: 230v @ 50-60Hz
Cable Length: 2000mm
Digital Interface: Yes
Can-Bus Compatible: No
Reconditioned Mode: Yes
Protection Level: IP20

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